East Three x CH: Hoodie "Know Herstory Self"

"No Herstory, No Self. Know Herstory, Know Self."

*Orders for this item will be shipped out within or less than 2 weeks of order date, they are made to order* 

Color Herstory collaborated with the respected and iconic hip hop artist and style writer East Three:

"East 3 is a multi-media artist who creates art, designs, and mural work with various mediums.  His background and creditability stem from his mentor, the legendary Style Writing/Aerosol art pioneer P.H.A.S.E. 2 (NYC) who took him under his wing at the age of 17yrs old. Currently, East 3 devotes most of his time contributing to a statewide effort towards youth development through various youth non-profits and organizations. His goal is to help inspire and strengthen the youth within the Hawaiian Islands as well as in numerous states and cities." - www.east-3.com

Make a statement by wearing this hoodie that promotes the knowledge of knowing your herstory! The quote was inspired by a Pilipino revolutionary hero, Dr. Jose P Rizal. By knowing about your family/cultural herstory, you are learning about yourself and where you root from. We are standing on the shoulders of giants as they say!

*All crew necks  sizes are unisex!

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